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Real Estate Credit: French On The Reserve

Becoming an owner is the wish of many households in France. But it is still necessary to be very courageous to embark on the realization of a project of access to property. It should indeed be known that the act of purchase is an essential step causing much hesitation among the consumer.

The morale of the French affected by the economic crisis?

Do you want to acquire a property but are still hesitant? You are not alone in this case! Indeed, if the context of the real estate sector is now much more in favor of the French for the purchase of housing, the latter however display great reluctance because of these periods of economic crisis. However, over the past year, credit rates have fallen very sharply, causing property prices to fall at the same time. This drop varies from minus 2.8 for Paris to minus 3.8 for Marseille.

Despite these very attractive new prices, buyers do not seem really motivated. According to a recent survey conducted by the Observatoire du morale immobilier, only 69% of French people who have been planning to buy a home for at least a year believe that they should act immediately. The consequence of this trend is that the number of people becoming homeowners fell from 3 million in April 2014 to 2.5 million in October 2014.

The future buyer takes his time to think

If French households are well aware that credit rates are really very advantageous in this context of crisis, they are particularly cautious and fear that the standard of living in France will deteriorate. 78% of French people hoping to acquire a house or an apartment during the year declare to be organized in their research. Thus, the future buyer hopes to have a crush before starting his project. It is interesting to know that mortgage rates are not expected to go up for the moment. And it may be that property prices continue to fall in France.

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