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Loans to Usury Within a Patronage

Military officers of the Provincial Command of Rome have executed an order for precautionary custody issued by the Judge of Preliminary Investigations of the Court of Rome against four subjects, accused of usury and illegal exercise of financial activity.

The investigation, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office

The investigation, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor

Working Group serious crimes against property and drugs, originates from the complaint presented in November 2017 by a woman who, after having turned to a patronage of the Centocelle district to instruct a financing practice in order to cope with impelling medical expenses, it had fallen victim to real money lenders.

Not having been able to obtain the loan, the complainant had been forced to accept the halftone conditions imposed by the suspects, who had proposed to directly grant the requested money but with the application of monthly interest rates ranging between 20% and 25%. %, corresponding to about 300% per year.

The in-depth analyzes carried out by the Organized Crime Investigation Group of the Economic-Financial Police Unit have brought to light a wider illicit system perpetrated against several persons, who, by paying in precarious economic conditions that did not allow them access to the legal loan, were falls in the “trap” of usury, ordered by the owner of the association, by his two sons and by a fourth subject, “financier” of criminal conduct.

Disbursement of the sums

The disbursement of the sums was “screened” by the aims of the patronage, that is to offer assistance to users for the carrying out of administrative procedures of various kinds.

During the searches, the Financiers found, among other things, a real “ledger” in which they were noted, with meticulous accounting precision, the sums paid and the relative refunds, including the exhosios interest applied.

At the same time, the interceptions have brought out the “professionalism” of the criminal activity, highlighting the absolute prudence used by the protagonists of the story in the reciprocal interlocutions, characterized by the use of an “encrypted” jargon, according to which the loans were “cakes” “Or” parties “or” birthdays “or” albums “, the” gift “installments and the” candeline “or” figurine “interests.

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