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2017: Decide in this difficult time and say goodbye to debts

Surely you will agree with me that debts are one of the worst nightmares that exist in life because if within your purposes of this new year is to say goodbye to debt this is a great article for you.

Time of crisis

2017 is beginning with a great expectation of being a difficult time in economic matters, however, we must resort to our inner strength because surely you have clear evidence that you have always come out ahead.

They say that in times of crisis, efficient people seek solutions and surely you are one of them.

The road that leads to tranquility, personal and family well-being is called: Do not have uncontrollable debts.

And yes, you read well, uncontrollable debts, because having planned and well-measured debts can be part of a healthy life, financially.

The problem comes when the debts are uncontrollable and far from diminishing them, they become larger every day as if they had a life of their own. And I refer specifically to bank credit cards, that if for some reason you miss the day of payment they charge you interest on interest, in such a way that it makes an uncontrolled snowball effect that can crush you without mercy.

Get out of debts

Say goodbye to debts is a decision that is in your power, and you will ask, how do I do it? Here I will give you a couple of tips that can help you find the option that best suits your lifestyle and interests.

1. To get rid of loans you must know exactly the amount you require as available income to consolidate those loans and the exact payment dates.

2. Although it seems strange, I have met people who do not know exactly the amount of their total debt and this is not uncommon, because as it is a dynamic figure, you have to be very attentive to your account in order to be aware of these amounts and the way they move.

3. If you know this exactly, you can then take action to solve this debt.

4. Know the interest you are paying on the credit card. This point seems apparently simple but there is a trick that nobody mentions and that is that every time you have a delay in your credit card interest will become the unpaid balance, then over time, you will be paying interest on the interest you left to duty.

5. So, if we do clear accounts one would be the interest charged by the credit card but if the amount you stopped paying (which are interest) we add a second time the interest then in general terms the interest rate increases.

6. Become aware of your financial status and decide. A decision can change your life, so I recommend you take a moment of peace to analyze your finances and know if there is something that is preventing you from making the decision to end your debts.

7. Analyze the options that can be your “accelerator factor”. For example, Credifiel, in addition to having special agreements with your government institution, can offer you the best credit option quickly and safely.

8. It supports you with very comfortable payment schemes so you can settle the entire credit card without neglecting the most important: the liquidity you need on a daily basis.

Decide today to have the necessary capital with very comfortable deadlines so that you can save the payment of so many excessive interests.

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