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all those who are denied credit even though there are no negative entries in the Private Credit often no longer understand the world. Blame on such decisions could be the Private Credit Score. This score does not really bother about the person. The value of a score is abstract and yet it decides on the allocation of funds. Especially the score encounters incomprehension. Nevertheless, today it is an important issue and proves to be an important criterion in the granting of loans.

If you look at it, a score loses its terror. The results show again and again that the score can only be taken seriously on the basis of the evaluations. Nobody knows the truth, but you should know it well. It protects against wrong assessments.

Tell me who lives there

Tell me who lives there

A role in the evaluation plays the living environment. Districts where high levels of debt are noted, score fewer points in the score. It therefore depends on which postcode you have your address. Even moves are considered negative.

Then data on the credit behavior are evaluated. Were the payments always on time? And how often was the Dispo used to stop. In the case of unemployment, there were rate losses. Such facts are evaluated by the Private Credit. The higher the score achieved, the better.

There are cuts in consumer loans, who buys with good salary constantly on pump, gets point deduction. This also gets people who always pay on time and thus notice their liabilities settle before the end of the contract. Because this process gives the credit institution less revenue.

Not everything is allowed

Not everything is allowed

The score also included analyzes of the reliable family names. However, this has now been prohibited and may no longer be used as a source.

All consumers who manage to achieve a high score in the score are creditworthy in the banking industry. With low numbers, this affects the interest rate. With a low score, banks usually do not give credit.

You can rate the score better

You can rate the score better

If you want to improve your score, you should pay on time, be down-to-earth and, if possible, do not change jobs often. If one point can not be met, it usually compensates for another positive trait. You can not rely on it. The score is a science and Private Credit tries to make it understandable to the customer. The score can be found in his Private Credit information. If it is rather low, you should go in to find out what it can be.

Loans to Usury Within a Patronage

Military officers of the Provincial Command of Rome have executed an order for precautionary custody issued by the Judge of Preliminary Investigations of the Court of Rome against four subjects, accused of usury and illegal exercise of financial activity.

The investigation, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office

The investigation, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor

Working Group serious crimes against property and drugs, originates from the complaint presented in November 2017 by a woman who, after having turned to a patronage of the Centocelle district to instruct a financing practice in order to cope with impelling medical expenses, it had fallen victim to real money lenders.

Not having been able to obtain the loan, the complainant had been forced to accept the halftone conditions imposed by the suspects, who had proposed to directly grant the requested money but with the application of monthly interest rates ranging between 20% and 25%. %, corresponding to about 300% per year.

The in-depth analyzes carried out by the Organized Crime Investigation Group of the Economic-Financial Police Unit have brought to light a wider illicit system perpetrated against several persons, who, by paying in precarious economic conditions that did not allow them access to the legal loan, were falls in the “trap” of usury, ordered by the owner of the association, by his two sons and by a fourth subject, “financier” of criminal conduct.

The disbursement of the sums was “screened” by the aims of the patronage, that is to offer assistance to users for the carrying out of administrative procedures of various kinds.

During the searches, the Financiers found, among other things, a real “ledger” in which they were noted, with meticulous accounting precision, the sums paid and the relative refunds, including the exhosios interest applied.

At the same time, the interceptions have brought out the “professionalism” of the criminal activity, highlighting the absolute prudence used by the protagonists of the story in the reciprocal interlocutions, characterized by the use of an “encrypted” jargon, according to which the loans were “cakes” “Or” parties “or” birthdays “or” albums “, the” gift “installments and the” candeline “or” figurine “interests.

Personal Loans for Pensioners: Complete Guide

In this article we want to talk about Personal Loans for Pensioners, that is to say all those services dedicated to the older segment of the population: an increasing number of over 65, in fact, makes use of bank loans to cover unexpected expenses of various kinds, such as those concerning medical care, the purchase of goods (real estate, home appliances, etc.) or the subsidization of projects of children or grandchildren.

Retirees are a category usually favored by banks, because of the stability of income, as they can not undergo demotion or dismissal, but nevertheless encounter many difficulties due to old age: most of the services, in fact, are addressed to citizens who have not passed the sixty-fifth or seventy years of age.

However, it should be remembered that pensioners can take advantage of a particular category of loans: those with a transfer of the fifth, for which there is no need to present specific guarantees, or specify how the required sum will be used, thus leaving ample room for personal maneuver to carry out their projects in complete serenity and autonomy, without involving other people in the negotiation.

The transfer of the fifth to retirees

The transfer of the fifth to retirees

As we said, the overwhelming majority of services dedicated to retirees is set up as a transfer of the fifth: this means that, when the customer turns to the Bank, Social Institute assumes the task of repaying the sum obtained, directly withholding the amount of the monthly installments from the pension and paying it to the Institute in question, for a period that can not exceed, by law, the ten years.

However, not all pensions can be used for the assignment of the fifth, but the following categories are excluded:

  • pensions and social checks;
  • civil disability;
  • allowance for assistance to pensioners with physical or mental disabilities;
  • income or family support grants;
  • pensions of bank staff.

What is the sale of the fifth?

What is the sale of the fifth?

Let’s take a small step back and illustrate the characteristics of the sale of the fifth, a way that allows various categories of customers, often excluded from common banking services, to access financing with less unfavorable conditions: in fact, it is mainly addressed to all those which, in the past, have been classified as bad payers and included in the Central Risks.

Through the assignment of the fifth, the customer delegates to his employer (or the institution that provides for the payment of the pension, in this case the Social Institute) the task of paying the monthly installments, withholding them directly from the salary: the sum withheld, however, it can not exceed one fifth of the total income, in order not to overburden the family or personal budget.

For pensioners, the operation is almost identical, even if some security measures are foreseen:

  • the monthly payment can not exceed 1/5 of the net pension;
  • the total reimbursement must take place by the age of eighty-five;
  • the total amount must be equal to or less than 75,000 euros;
  • the rate and interest rate remain constant throughout the duration of the loan.

This means that the maximum sum that the customer can get is proportional to the amount received monthly: if with a net pension of 1,600 euros, for example, the installment can go up to 430 euros, while with one that amounts to 800 euros, this can not exceed € 160, and the total, therefore, will be significantly lower.

Requirements for Personal Loans for Retired Persons

Requirements for Personal Loans for Retired Persons

We now see the requirements for access to the transfer of the fifth, which all pensioners must exhibit at the selected credit institution: first, you need to go to an Social Institute office to calculate the maximum amount deductible from the pension and, subsequently, to draw up the Transferability Notice, an essential form to start the estimate and the negotiation.

Once the characteristics of the loan have been established (amount, duration, monthly payment), the client must present the following documents:

  • identity card and health card valid;
  • cud or pension slip;
  • valid residence permit for customers of foreign origin.

Once the practice is started, in case of a positive outcome, the sum will be paid directly to the applicant’s current account, in a fairly short time; to speed up the request phase, it is possible to use the online procedure, through the form made available on the website of numerous Credit Institutes: in this way, the amount will be available within one or two days.

Security measures for pensioners

Security measures for pensioners

Once the negotiation is complete and the estimate is drawn up, Social Institute will check that the financing falls within the current legislation, aimed at defending the interests of the retired and ensuring non-exorbitant conditions: the overall rate, in fact, must be equal or lower at the maximum permitted by the anti-usury law, the monthly amount must not exceed 1/5 of the net pension and the contract must clearly indicate all ancillary costs.

In addition, Social Institute has established an agreement with most banks and banks, in order to keep interest rates lower:

  • for loans of less than 5,000 euros, the interest rate can not exceed 8.45%;
  • for loans exceeding 5,000 euros, it can not exceed 7.55%.

The advantages of the assignment of the fifth

The advantages of the assignment of the fifth

At this point, therefore, it is clear that the transfer of the fifth constitutes a valid opportunity for pensioners who need a loan, and who do not have special guarantees. This mode, in fact, allows them to access even quite large sums, amounting to € 75,000, all in all short times, without involving a third person in the contract, and diluting the payment of installments over a period of ten years.

Moreover, for pensioners it is mandatory to stipulate an insurance cover, useful to guarantee a safety margin both to the Bank, to the family and to the client himself, in case of accident or death: the insurance cost is included among the costs of the loan, which can be calculated in the budget phase.


In conclusion, the transfer of the fifth is the most common way for all pensioners who want to obtain financing, as it allows over 70s to access banking services without presenting special guarantees. Moreover, thanks to the agreements stipulated between Social Institute and Credit Institutes, such packages often present much more favorable conditions, as well as the possibility of knowing in advance the amount of the installments and the total cost.

We also suggest that you periodically check the offers on the websites of the Banks and, in case of urgency, use the online procedure, which allows you to significantly reduce the time and bureaucratic commitments, and quickly obtain the desired amount.

Express Loan with Negative Private Credit

Anyone who has ever applied for a loan from his bank and this has been rejected, knows how important it is that the Private Credit is fine. Many consumers wonder why Private Credit plays such a significant role in lending. You have to know that each person in this country has entries in the Private Credit. However, these entries are neutral, they are only negative entries when it comes to payment difficulties.

Think of a reminder that was not paid, a garnishment, a forgotten rate from the mail order company. There are many reasons why a negative entry can arise. Banks conclude from the information provided by a Private Credit inquiry that in the future further payments can occur and reject the loan with negative Private Credit.

The bad Private Credit and its consequences

The bad Private Credit and its consequences

A bad Private Credit often brings the affected people financial problems. Especially up-to-date they are noticed, if the person concerned has applied for an emergency loan with negative Private Credit and was rejected. But it’s not just the credit denials. The affected can not conclude a cheap mobile phone contract, even the new apartment fails because of the bad Private Credit, because even landlords take a look there.

In general, the normal ways are blocked in a Eilkredit negative Private Credit, the bad Private Credit pushes a stop here. If there is an urgent need for money because a hasty bill that can not be paid could mean another entry, only the debt-free loan remains. Better it is not good luck to apply for an urgent loan with negative Private Credit, but to carefully compare the loan offers. Here, a loan calculator can be used, which is available on the Internet for free.

However, in the case of negative Private Credit, the express credit is almost exclusively offered by credit agencies or financial service providers. The customer should note that he finds a reputable provider. It is this type of loan that has attracted many black sheep, who are only looking for the money of credit seekers. The people who really need money urgently need the right “victims”. The customer should under no circumstances pay pre-payment or advance payment. Also, the credit opportunities will not increase when insurance contracts are signed.

Expensive hotlines and overpriced CODs are also part of the practices of frivolous work placements. Even if the loan request is extremely urgent, the customer should under no circumstances pay or sign. He will not see his money again and no credit. A serious credit brokerage can promise success if there is a difficult financial situation.

A reputable credit intermediary will first check the creditworthiness of the client and only then give a preliminary credit decision. Often also the conditions are already determined. Basically, the customer should know, the information of Private Credit is obtained with every credit request. If the data is positive, the loan seeker can choose the best from a variety of offers.

Many customers do not even know what their Private Credit score is or how low and they do not know what entries are in it. Therefore, it is recommended if a self-assessment is requested. Once a year it can be done for free. If the Private Credit shows negative entries from the last three years and also which payment defaults led to the negative entries, the customer often only receives the express credit with negative Private Credit from abroad.

But if entries are found that have already been done, they could be deleted, but only after three years. During this time, however, these entries have the note “done”, which often can lead to a loan from a German bank.

Important is the credit rating but also the conditions

Important is the credit rating but also the conditions

A cheap loan has several parameters, such as a favorable interest rate. The credit intermediary determines the interest rate that corresponds to the creditworthiness of the customer. That is, the customer has a good credit rating, so a high income, he will receive a good interest rate. The customer can find out his interest rate on the website of the credit intermediary.

There, the interest margin can be seen that can show from 2.5 to 16%, which is quite a respectable interest rate for the express loan with negative Private Credit. There are not so rare providers who make an interest of up to 20%. However, as urgent as the loan request may be, the customer does not accept it, because this interest rate is a usurious interest and may be expelled by a frivolous credit intermediary.

If you are looking for an urgent loan with negative Private Credit, you want to see the loan amount credited to your account as soon as possible. However, he does not have to accept every loan offer. Because the interest rate is also for a credit with bad Private Credit on the creditworthiness of the customer. For example, customers who have a very high income and the negative entry simply came about because an invoice was not paid. That may have little to do with the credit rating, but the customer may not be happy with the bill and simply did not pay it.

Of course, a service provider will not make a difference between a high-income customer and a low-income customer. The claim was not paid and was reported to the Private Credit. Therefore, it is quite possible that even with an urgent loan with negative Private Credit still a good interest rate is possible. If a customer is unemployed, an intermediary counts among the risk group and sets higher interest rates.

So if you are looking for an urgent loan with negative Private Credit, you must have sufficient and regularly incoming income that can be found above the seizure clearance limit. Especially important is a permanent job that should last at least a year. The employment contract may not be limited in time and there may be no probationary period. The loan seeker must also specify other liabilities such as further loans and installment payments. They should move within a manageable framework.

If the income does not show enough, the credit chances of a second borrower increases. Whether a guarantee is recognized under German law seems more questionable. The Private Credit does not play a central role, the urgent loan with negative Private Credit is not registered there. However, the bank will look into the public debtor directory. If there are serious features such as an oath of disclosure, an enforcement order, a bankruptcy or a seizure of wages, then the credit is also for the Private Creditfreien credit. The customer is then no longer creditworthy.

The loan amount

The loan amount

If one looks at the advertisements of this form of credit, these promises can not be kept. According to research, it was found that in the case of a short-term loan with negative Private Credit only three loan sums are provided. That’s 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros and 7,500 euros. The 3,500 euro loan is the most approved loan amount. For the other loan amounts, the foreign bank also requires a good credit rating.

This does not mean that the Private Credit is queried, but these banks attach importance to a secure income and a secure employment. As for the duration of the loans, they are the same for all loan amounts, namely 40 months. The interest rate is usually in the double-digit range. Nevertheless, the customer should pay no usurious interest of 20%.

The loan processing fee



Until 2014, the collection of processing fees for personal loans was quite common. However, in May and October 2014, the Federal Court of Justice ruled that the processing fees charged by banks and savings banks were unlawful. These judgments mainly relate to private consumer credit, installment and car loans or loans for real estate financing.

Credit processing fee

For example, the processing fees were charged for checking the creditworthiness of a customer and for organizational matters. Thus to obtain data of the Schufa or Creditreform and to calculate the creditworthiness of the customer. However, the court ruled that such activities are purely in the interest of the bank and thus are not attributable to the customer.

The processing fees averaged between one and four percent of the loan amount spent. According to the court order, customers who paid such a personal loan processing fee less than ten years ago may claim this amount back from their bank or savings bank. However, the customer has to become active himself. The credit institutions do not automatically pay the processing fees back. This refund must be requested accordingly. Sample letters are available online that can be downloaded and printed out.

Inadmissibility of the processing fees

The inadmissibility of the processing fees was decided on 13 May 2014 by the Federal Court of Justice in two revision proceedings (Ref. XI ZR 170/13, XI ZR 405/12). In these proceedings, a one-time processing fee of 1,200 euros was levied by Postbank. The Consumer Protection Association also complained that the National Bank’s General Terms and Conditions imposed a one-per-cent processing fee. The judgment explicitly spoke of consumer credit. Thus, personal loans were assessed accordingly, installment loans for a television, a car or furniture.

According to the Civil Code, real estate loans are also considered consumer loans. However, the concrete cases of the judgments were not about real estate financing. However, they were not excluded. The court’s arguments also apply to the nature and form of real estate loans. In this respect, even consumers with a real estate loan are entitled to claim back their paid processing fees.

For subsidized loans such as KFW loans, the processing fees remain effective. In these cases, the bank or savings bank would have provided a genuine service to the client, acting as a mediator between the client and the promotional bank. The district court of Itzehoe declared these processing fees on 01.07.2014 and the district court of Bückeburg on 11.09.2014 justified (Az. 1 S 187/13, Az. 1 S 60/13).

Scope of current BGH judgments

Scope of current BGH judgments

The development banks in general argue that the current BGH judgments do not apply to them. They would process and award the loans in accordance with public law. Landeskreditbank Baden-Wuerttemberg was granted an appropriate hearing by the District Court of Stuttgart on this issue. Thus, this bank did not have to pay back the processing fees for a loan – judgment of 26.08.2014 (Az. 1 C 1279/14).

The processing fees or termination fees for home savings contracts are not affected by the judgment of the Federal Court. On the contrary, these fees have already been expressly declared to be correct in another ruling of the BGH of 2010. However, if the building society lends a loan and then calculates processing fees, the situation is unclear. Presumably, these fees are then not legally effective, but clearly not decided.

Even for business start-up loans, no decision has yet been made on the extent to which the processing fees may or may not be levied. For commercial loans, there is currently no effective case law with regard to the processing fee.

2017: Decide in this difficult time and say goodbye to debts

Surely you will agree with me that debts are one of the worst nightmares that exist in life because if within your purposes of this new year is to say goodbye to debt this is a great article for you.

2017 is beginning with a great expectation of being a difficult time in economic matters, however, we must resort to our inner strength because surely you have clear evidence that you have always come out ahead.

They say that in times of crisis, efficient people seek solutions and surely you are one of them.

The road that leads to tranquility, personal and family well-being is called: Do not have uncontrollable debts.

And yes, you read well, uncontrollable debts, because having planned and well-measured debts can be part of a healthy life, financially.

The problem comes when the debts are uncontrollable and far from diminishing them, they become larger every day as if they had a life of their own. And I refer specifically to bank credit cards, that if for some reason you miss the day of payment they charge you interest on interest, in such a way that it makes an uncontrolled snowball effect that can crush you without mercy.

Say goodbye to debts is a decision that is in your power, and you will ask, how do I do it? Here I will give you a couple of tips that can help you find the option that best suits your lifestyle and interests.

1. To get rid of loans you must know exactly the amount you require as available income to consolidate those loans and the exact payment dates.

2. Although it seems strange, I have met people who do not know exactly the amount of their total debt and this is not uncommon, because as it is a dynamic figure, you have to be very attentive to your account in order to be aware of these amounts and the way they move.

3. If you know this exactly, you can then take action to solve this debt.

4. Know the interest you are paying on the credit card. This point seems apparently simple but there is a trick that nobody mentions and that is that every time you have a delay in your credit card interest will become the unpaid balance, then over time, you will be paying interest on the interest you left to duty.

5. So, if we do clear accounts one would be the interest charged by the credit card but if the amount you stopped paying (which are interest) we add a second time the interest then in general terms the interest rate increases.

6. Become aware of your financial status and decide. A decision can change your life, so I recommend you take a moment of peace to analyze your finances and know if there is something that is preventing you from making the decision to end your debts.

7. Analyze the options that can be your “accelerator factor”. For example, Credifiel, in addition to having special agreements with your government institution, can offer you the best credit option quickly and safely.

8. It supports you with very comfortable payment schemes so you can settle the entire credit card without neglecting the most important: the liquidity you need on a daily basis.

Decide today to have the necessary capital with very comfortable deadlines so that you can save the payment of so many excessive interests.

Is it worth to take out auto insurance linked to a car loan?

When looking for financing to buy a new or second-hand vehicle is very likely that we come across car title loans in dallas tx / ヾ(๑⃙⃘´ꇴ`๑⃙⃘)ノ that offers us a lower interest rate. In some cases, contracting that insurance through the bank can be paid for, but in others, it will be more convenient to hire it through an insurance company and look for a cheaper car loan.

It is not mandatory to take out the insurance offered by the bank

The first thing that we must bear in mind before hiring any insurance linked to a car loan is that in no case are we obliged to contract the insurance offered by the lender entity. However, doing so through the same entity can mean an improvement in the terms of the car loan (lower interest rate or elimination of some commissions).

Therefore, before hiring the auto insurance offered by the bank, it is advisable to look for cheaper insurance and car loans with a lower interest rate. The Cofidis New Automobile Project Credit, for example, is a very good option, since it has an interest rate of 6.86% APR and does not include commissions or the obligation to take out a payment protection insurance linked to the car loan.

The cost of auto insurance is not always included in the TAE of the car loan

Another aspect that we must bear in mind is that the cost of auto insurance does not have to be included in the APR of the credit to finance the car. In the annual equivalent rate of the loans, only the cost of insurance that guarantees payment in case of death, disability or unemployment (that is, life insurance or payment protection) must be reflected. Therefore, we must read the fine print of the car loan to find out if the cost of the auto insurance offered by the bank is included in your APR or not.

If the cost of the insurance is not included in the annual equivalent rate, we must calculate if we pay for it to hire it or look for other cheaper car loans httP:// For example, if we want to finance the new car with a credit of € 15,000 at 5 years at 6.5% APR with an insurance that costs us € 400 a year, it will be more expensive than financing it with the Cofidis New Car Project Credit ( that has an interest of 6.86% APR) and contracting with another company an auto insurance that costs us € 300 a year. In the first case, we would pay € 4,609.54 by adding the cost of interest on the car loan and insurance, while with the Cofidis New Car Project Credit we would pay € 4,172.86, € 436.68 less.

Expenses that we must take into account before asking for a car credit

The cost of financing the car and the insurance will not be the only one that we will have to face when we acquire a new vehicle. These are the expenses associated with the purchase of a car:

  • The cost of the car loan: interest, commissions, linked products, notary expenses, etc.
  • The price of compulsory auto insurance.
  • The registration tax and the circulation tax
  • Other expenses: gasoline, maintenance, repairs, parking, etc.